Thursday, February 22, 2007

Day 47


  • Mail and other paper
  1. A local hospital newsletter (reuse)
  2. Magazine offer (reuse)
  3. AAA offer (reuse)
  4. Credit card offer (reuse)
  5. 6 pieces of my son's art (reuse)
  6. 1 catalogue picked up from a furniture store (reuse)
  7. 1 flyer picked up from a furniture store (reuse)
  • Food and other packaging
  1. 2 paper bags (reuse)
  2. 1 plastic produce bag (reuse)
  3. 2 paper receipt (reuse)
  4. 1 plastic milk bottle seal (reuse)
  5. 1 plastic potato bag (reuse)
  6. 1 plastic bag from food leftover take-out (reuse)
  7. 1 cardboard food leftover take-out container (reuse if not too messy)
  8. 1 cardboard tissue box (reuse, but contents are in the garbage)
  9. 3 glass beer bottles and bottlecaps (reuse)
  10. 1 cardboard toilet paper roll (reuse) and paper wrapper for new roll (reuse)
  11. 1 cardboard pad box (reuse, but of course the contents of the box have been put in the garbage)

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