Saturday, February 3, 2007

Day 28


  • Mail
  1. Subscription offer (reuse)
  2. Local realtor ad (reuse)
  3. Local realtor magazine (reuse)
  4. magazine (read and reuse)
  • Food and other packaging
  1. 2 beer/soda bottles and bottlecaps (reuse)
  2. 1 medicine bottle (reuse)
  3. 1 medicine box (reuse)
  4. plastic medicine dropper wrapper (garbage)
  5. tissue box (reuse minus plastic; tissues themselves are in the garbage)
  6. wipes plastic packaging (garbage, I think)
  7. orange juice gallon container (reuse)
  8. plastic cheese wrapper (garbage)
  9. plastic bag and receipt (reuse) from grocery store run (our canvas bag didn't hold everything...)
  • Shopping: I bought new shoes for my growing son. I'll try to find a reuse for the plastic inserts and tag, and put the receipt in the reuse pile. I also bought an old window frame/screen to use for homemade papermaking at a local building supply salvage shop. Not sure what I'll do with the frame once the screen is out...

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