Sunday, February 11, 2007

Day 36


  • No mail
  • Food and other packaging
  1. 3 beer/soda bottles and bottle caps(reuse)
  2. 1 pizza box (to hold leftovers--reuse if not too dirty)
  3. 1 peanut container (reuse)
  4. 3 receipts (reuse)
  5. 1 botanical garden brochure (reuse)
  6. 1 plastic produce bag (reuse)
  7. 1 toilet paper roll and paper wrapper for new roll (reuse)
  8. 1 buttermilk container (garbage--seems too dirty/filmy on the inside to wash without destroying the container, but ideas for getting around this are welcome as I regularly buy buttermilk)
In other news: I opted out of credit card offers online. This is part of my Month 2 focus on paper. More on that coming soon (on fr(ECO)logism)--I'm still catching up on everything as I reenter life following the recent illnesses in my family.

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