Friday, February 23, 2007

Day 46


  • Mail
  1. A statement (file/reuse)
  2. Bill (file/reuse)
  • Food and other packaging
  1. 1 plastic pretzel bag (reuse)
  2. 3 glass beer/soda bottles and bottlecaps (reuse)
  3. 2 paper bags (reuse)
  4. 1 big piece of masking tape, used to pick lint off of something I crocheted (garbage)
  5. 1 glossy paper yarn wrapper
Reuses and other projects
  • Today I cleaned out some spots in my living room and gathered a lot of reuseable materials in the process. Much of this was paper from my desk, and much of that was made up of piles of junk mail I had not yet sorted. Even before the project started I was finding it increasingly difficult to throw out potentially useful items, so I have quite a collection. I found at least 15 credit card offers from American Express. These should be drying up now that I have taken myself and my husband off the the mailing lists for credit card and insurance offers. In the meantime, I began a project with them. So far, I have made several sheets of homemade paper using just the credit card offers. I saved the intact envelopes, the thicker paper and those fake "your name here" credit cards they send. I threw out the tacky glue that adheres the fake cards to the paper. From all of this I'll be making some small notepads.

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