Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day 45


  • Mail
  1. 2 bills (file/return/reuse)
  • Food and other packaging
  1. 1 2 liter bottle (reuse)
  2. 2 pasta boxes (reuse)
  3. 1 medication patch packaging (reuse) and patch (garbage)
  4. 1 chip bag (reuse)
Reuse: I used a plastic lid, large tin can and my container of bottlecaps to make a toy/game for my son. I cut a hole in the lid and we dropped/counted/sorted the caps into the can. Hours of fun. Also, I am attempting to make my own sour cream. If successful, I could cut down on the packaging used for all those sour cream containers. I can use cream for this that comes in reusable glass bottles from my local dairy.

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