Friday, January 19, 2007

Day 13

Things I put into the garbage or reuse containers today:

  • Mail
  1. 2 magazines. It is a weekly magazine, but for some reason I got to issues today. I plan to read them and then put them in the paper reuse pile.
  2. 1 weird kids language course product magazine/offer. There is a phone number in it, so I will put that on my list of people to call next week, and put the magazine itself in paper reuse pile.
  • My son's art: four large pieces of paper, one small piece, to be placed in the paper pile to use again for the reverse sides. I worked at my son's preschool this afternoon, and one of the other parents asked if I wanted to take home a painting that was just barely a line, and about the fifth painting of the day. I said no, then realized that if I took it home I would reuse it, whereas if I left it there it would be stuffed in the recycling bin. Too late, though. On the positive side, I was told one of the morning teachers is collecting half gallon milk containers for an art project. I have two or three I will be able to take in next week.
  • Food packaging: a tea packet (reuse pile), a really disgusting piece of candy in its wrapper that my son found god knows where and brought to me (garbage), a candy bag, beer bottles (reuse) and lids (reuse).
  • Other: a cd The Destroyer (a.k.a. my four-year-old) broke (reuse), more dryer lint (dryer lint pile)

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