Saturday, January 27, 2007

Day 21


  • Mail
  1. - 3. 3 generous offers (a.k.a. junk mail)
  • Food and other packaging
  1. toilet paper roll and paper packaging (reuse)
  2. orange juice carton (reuse)
  3. cheese wrappings (garbage)
  4. sour cream container (reuse)
  5. 2 medication bottles (reuse)(for my poor sick child)
  6. aluminum foil (reuse/garbage)
Other: more cleaning out of my child's room. I used another food can for his crayon stubs, and added some paper bits to the reuse piles. But mostly just hung out on the couch soothing him and his poor running nose and warm body. I can't seem to convince him to use a tissue more than once, so we'll see how he takes it if I ask him to use a handkerchief. He actually preferred a soft cloth over tissues as a baby...

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