Sunday, January 21, 2007

Day 14

List of things acquired, discarded, and placed for reuse today:

  • Mail
  1. bill
  2. credit card offer
  • Food packaging
  1. plastic sour cream seal (garbage)
  2. plastic jar seal (garbage)
  3. bandaid and bandaid wrapper (garbage)
  4. 2 butter wrappers (garbage)
  5. butter box (reuse)
  6. beer box (reuse)
  7. 2 six pack/soda cardboard carrier (reuse)
  8. 12 beer/soda bottles and caps (reuse)
  9. tea packet (reuse)
  10. flour bag (reuse)
  11. olive jar (reuse)
  12. peanut jar (reuse)
  13. sour cream container (reuse)
  14. 4 plastic produce/bulk bags (reuse)
  • Other
  1. receipt (from grocery store)(reuse)
Things I reused today: 4 plastic produce/bulk bags. Also, I went to the grocery store, carried the groceries in my own canvas bag, and avoided using produce bags when possible. The store I went to uses biodegradable plastic bags for produce bags, but I am still trying to minimize and reuse these.

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