Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Day 18

New Collection

  • Mail and other papers
  1. 2 bills (filed parts I need, the rest in reuse pile)
  2. 4 junk mail letters/offers (reuse)
  3. my son's art--1 large piece of paper (reuse)
  • Food packaging and other
  1. food can (reuse)
  2. pretzel bag (garbage)
  3. plastic carrot bag (garbage)
  4. 2 vegetable bouillion cube wrappers (garbage)
  5. bandaid (garbage) and bandaid wrapper (reuse)
  6. My husband brought home a few knick-knacks/swag from a business meeting: handheld fan, notebook, pen, paper bag and a bit of packaging. All for use or reuse.

Donated 2 half gallon milk containers to my son's school for an art project today.


Cleaned out a couple of drawers today. Several paper scraps and a few miscellaneous bits went into reuse piles; 5 plastic wrapping scraps and an empty foil pill wrapper (garbage).

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

Any chance the pretzel bag could
have been used for bagging produce or bulk food the next time you go shopping? Or, maybe for wrapping sandwiches or other lunch food? We eat a lot of cheese, and I sometimes use chip bags to keep the cheese fresh once it's been opened.