Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Day 17

My collection

  • Mail
  1. 1 magazine (of the type I will read and keep for a while), annoyingly packaged with an ad (reuse) and wrapped in plastic
  2. 1 catalogue (reuse)
  3. Various papers (reuse)--I cleaned my son's room and closet out today, and found multiple little paper scraps, pages from books he has destroyed (by accident, I'm sure), as well as...
  4. Various bits of plastic wrapping (garbage)--also from my son's room. A few tiny pieces of some kind of packaging.
  • Food packaging
  1. 1 food can (reuse)
  2. soda/beer bottles and caps (reuse)

Cleaned a tin can for hold chalk for my son's chalkboard (opened with an opener that leaves a smooth edge, of course)


Researched glass bottle reuse and garbage statistics. Post(s) coming soon on fr(ECO)logism...

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