Monday, January 22, 2007

Day 16

My growing collection

  • Mail, flyers and other papers
  1. ADVO Shopwise ads (reuse)
  2. bill (files and reuse)
  3. 2 school handouts (reuse)
  4. my son's art: 5 large pieces of paper (reuse)
  • Food packaging
  1. 3 bottles and bottle caps (reuse)
  2. 1 tin can and the can's paper wrap (reuse)
One reuse

My son broke a little knick-knack--a glass square weight with a small metal stick sticking out of it and holding up a two-piece glass magnet. It is meant to hold a picture or paper. I pulled the metal stick out of each glass piece and have repurposed the magnet set as refrigerator magnets. Still looking for a use for the metal stick and the glass square.

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